My Mostly-Useless Superpower

Recently I’ve taken to organizing posts and information on my roleplay forums, and part of that included editing or creating Tumblr accounts for them.

As such, I spent the other day scouring Tumblr for related posts. Some center around science, but thus far the bulk have come from one Tumblr in particular that lists suggestions of mostly-useless superpowers. I went through every page of that Tumblr (and with roughly three years of history, that took forever!) and reblogged ones I thought were particularly amusing or applicable to the RP. Some I would like to have more than others – for instance, “properly source any work” or “locate all mis-shelved items”. Others not so much.

With so many posts to scroll through, I kept telling myself to call it quits and do something actually productive with my life. You know how it is, though – that feeling of anticipation at what nugget of gold could be lurking around the virtual corner. Just when I would decide to call it a day, I would stumble across something amusing or fitting, and that would spur me to continue through the blog.

Thank goodness I did, because if I hadn’t, I would never have found this: “Mostly-Useless Superpower – Make Others Experience Synesthesia”!

Naturally, I immediately reblogged it and bumped it up to one of the next scheduled posts. I even added my own little blurb at the bottom, which, for those whose internet is too slow to click the link or those who are simply too lazy to do so, reads:

Brock approves of this power. This is her power, now and forever. Just try and understand her mind without this ability in play.  Go on. Try it.

Not many people know I have synesthesia, but those who do know how unfathomable some of my descriptions can be. I also give it to some of my characters, and one of them is a musician, so when I write lyrics (not music, though, since that’s my brother’s forte), I sometimes get pieces of tunes or an overall feeling of what I want the music to be like. Then, I make note of it below the lyrics or sometimes incorporate it into a song. My poor brother got extremely confused and frustrated with me when he couldn’t get a certain spot in one of the songs correct. The notes themselves were correct in terms of how I wanted it to sound, but in terms of how I wanted it to look, the brown was a chestnut when I wanted a coffee-with-milk color. But that’s just one example. Here are a few others. These are lyrics from two of the character’s songs.

Red, brown, yellow, blue –
Other colors and shapes dance, too.
I must write them all.
(- from “Sleepless Night [The Birth of a Song]”)

A peaceful day all by myself,
Or maybe with a friend or two,
Doing nothing but existing here, now,
Melting into the creamy yellow tune.
(- from “This Moment Inside”)

A little confusing? A touch unfathomable? You’ll hate this, then. I challenge you to make sense of this next chaos. It’s a wordy, winding description of another of my character’s song, “(Eternal) Masquerade”.

The verses follow a more melodic rock, sliding notes, subtle crescendos – with deep, rich reds, greens, the colors of a masquerade, and one as if viewed through a dream, of sorts. small, tiny yellow sparkles in parts, perhaps? white/silver, obviously. don’t think it’s blurred at the edges… but that’s the image of the actual masquerade and less of the song now- the feeling of another world, of a strange game, mystical, magical, mysterious…

End is a misty/foggy white/grey (kind of like an iTunes visualization when the song is over but white and not dark, as if high in the air or lost in the thickest fog/mist). Notes fade out into the foggy emptiness to disappear to thought and memory, never to be seen again (or will they? Faeries are teasing) [note that faeries feature prominently in the lyrics]

Can anyone see why I want this superpower now? Not that useless, right? It would have helped me out so many times – like when I got my very first cell phone number and couldn’t properly express why the “206” combination (2 – dusty medium blue; 0 – white; 6 – dusty tickle-me-pink) caused me to burst into tears at how immediately stomach-curling its color was. (Thankfully, I have long since gotten over it.)

If I had this power, I could also properly explain why I have an aversion to 6, M (deep, dull-ish magenta), and, to an extent P (almost the same as M but tinged with sliiightly more purple), especially when the letters are used in male names, and even more especially when they are followed directly by an A (which takes on a baby pink tone when by M and P).

I could share with my friends exactly how I hear (and see) a piece of music or how I see flavors and aromas. When I get a pain, I could communicate to the doctor precisely where the pain is and how it hurts.

Scientists, this is your next challenge! Figure out a way for me to make others experience my synesthesia, then get in contact with me. Make haste! Lives depend upon it!

Alright, that’s all I have on this topic for now. For those who are interested in learning more about synesthesia or sharing in a discussion about it, I’ll direct you to my synesthesia discussion community, Crosstalk. There are info pages and reference links to various resources, such as books, articles, and YouTube clips. Read up, join if you want to, leave me a message here or there. Whatever works.

I’ll leave you with a final quote from my character’s song, “This Moment Inside”.  Mata, ne!

You’re welcome to join me in this place,
This tranquil mood, this realm filled with wonder.
Wish you could join this world inside my head,
But, sadly, it’s for me and no other.


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