Were it not obvious, I love writing. I especially love creating characters and delving into their pasts, presents, and futures. I love exploring what they think, how they feel, and what they do. Internal struggles particularly thrill me. Just ask any of my roleplay friends – I’m a serial creator, and my character’s posts end up with more internal back-and-forth than you’d get with two hyper children on a see-saw. For just a small peek into my world:

  • Rhys constantly ponders his feelings and fantasizes about some romantic future. (Not presently, however, as the woman he was a millimeter away from proposing to up and vanished (for various reasons), and he’s spectacularly depressed now.)
  • Dong Yul (or Yul for short) is a mess of positivity, childlike energy, protective anger, and sudden sadness.
  • Han Eul (or Han) is stacked full of emotional baggage from his father’s death seven years ago that he never dealt with, and the ensuing choices Han made led to homelessness and an addiction, not to mention a heaping of additional emotional issues.
  • Bobby is, by design (as he stemmed from an out of character conversation), stereotypically perfect and stable – except where it comes to his bitter ex-girlfriend and the late son he never knew about.
  • Aaron was captured at the age of one-and-a-half and studied for his ability to create a death field. He’s been raised for eighteen years in captivity and forced to murder. Hope for his mental and emotional stability, already paper-thin, fades away more and more each day.
  • Yong Sook has broken, too, thanks to the Announcer and his Summons, but, despite being a Fixture now, he can’t escape.
  • I also like exploring how others’ characters would respond to situations – like Lynne Ewing’s Stanton and S.E. Hinton’s Johnny Cade act in a library wracked with gang wars for shelf space.

As you might imagine, I could cite dozens of other examples, but I’ll try and refrain. Perhaps I’ll start a character spotlight once a week, though. That sounds fun.  I tag on a disclaimer to all this that, though I adore writing, I’m not anything magnificent – especially when it comes to plot ideas. I would say that if I could spend even half of every day writing, that’d be amazing, but, as some might know, my interests flicker back and forth constantly. One day I’ll mess with forum coding, then the next I’m queuing up posts for Tumblr. I’ll spend hours organizing roleplay information into Prezis (hush, Polo! Prezi’s rock!), then suddenly I’ll start creating a character (despite swearing I would wait until tomorrow to app him), and afterward I might be inspired to work on Sorrell (a character’s creole).

I’m obsessed.

Obsessed and proud.

I’m certain that on more occasions than not, my future students will knock on my office door and come in to ask for help only to find me updating a roleplay Prezi instead of finishing the presentation for the next day’s lesson. (Am I exaggerating, or am I not? Even I can’t tell.) Joke’s on the students, though, because at some point I fully intend on incorporating my writing and roleplaying into class. Why write lots of speeches or essays when you could mix it up with stories and roleplaying?! Right? Right?! (Someone remind me of this idea later.)

Okay, I know I rambled. That’s my tendency. Could you ever tell that I started this post for the sole purpose of explaining that I had the marvelous idea to photograph my collection of notebooks? That’s it. That’s entirely it. My whole idea was to take that photo, use it for today’s cover, and say, “I love writing~!!” Just look at what happened instead – all these tangents. Typically me.

I won’t prattle on any longer in this entry, otherwise it’ll never be done. Look forward to some character spotlights, some updates, and more assorted rambles.

Mata, ne!

P.S.  Four of the notebooks are for journals (that I don’t really keep), Korean studying, and grad school planning, so they’re not all for writing and related topics. Just thought you’d like to know.


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