The Writing Xevan

Okay, this is just a short little update.There’s nothing very major in here.

Korean Study

  • It’s going – slowly but surely. I’ve mostly gotten the writing down, but pronunciation and certain syllables like “wa” still pose a challenge.
  • I’m a little behind in my February schedule, but I’ve nearly perfected basic greetings and introductions.


  • As might have been evident by the image for this post, I’ve started my own Tumblr. I got really sick of seeing nifty things while posting for my RP Tumblrs but not being able to like them or reblog them. Now I can. In addition, I’m posting various recipes, where I can. Really, it’s just an assortment of things, but if you like Tumblr or want to follow along, go right ahead.
  • The Writing Xevan

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