More Crafts!

What a great way to start off the new year!

After church yesterday, my mom and I stopped at a store out here called Ross, where you can find good stuff for decent prices, and the selection changes depending on what comes in and so on. My mom had returned a Christmas present of mine that I didn’t care for (I don’t like things made of yarn), so I had $18 to spend. I got an organizer for my desk and a new trash can for my room, but I also got a “Create Your Own Calendar”.

Then, while my mom and I were out, we stopped by a used bookstore, McKay’s. I wanted to find old books to use in my book-binding projects, particularly the ones for the two journal sets I mentioned in my last post. More about the details later. First, time to show off my book haul!


Three of the books (the oldest-looking ones) were free, and the rest were cheap, ranging from 25¢ to $5.50. Most hovered between $2-$3.  Now, prepare yourself for image overload!

Classic Books

These were books I bought because they looked “classic”. Check out that gorgeous print in the first book! And the second book is in Russian. I took a semester of that once, but I can only remember pieces of it. The third book has beautiful light green pages at the front and back, but I’m not sure if the image does it justice.

Old Books

I bought these books because they had sturdy binding or were beautiful. The first two have nice images and patterns on the insides of the covers. The third book I won’t use for its binding, but, as you can see, the cloth cover on the front is loose and beautiful, so I’ll save that for a project. And check out what I found on the inside of the third book!

Newer Books

These are the books I want to use for my journal project. I love the dust jackets and may use them in future projects. I chose the Tasha Alexander book because of the title, so I’ll put my travel journals in there (providing they fit). The Thad Carhart book I’ll use for my feather journals. I like that the second book looks worn on the front already. It gives it more of a vintage feel.

The 25¢ Find

I went into the “Language” section of McKay’s to see if they had any Korean language workbooks. (They don’t, as I knew they wouldn’t.) My mom spent time there looking for books with pretty spines that she could put underneath a fake bamboo plant she bought for our living room. It looks great!

I spent my time browsing for the heck of it, and I found this book under “Misc Languages”. Is it Czech? Someone, let me know!

This is by far my favorite find because of the beautiful cover (including the awkward spine printing) and the gorgeous images found throughout the book. I’ll keep as many of those as I can whenever I get around to using the book, and, again, I’ll repurpose the dust jacket.

Bonus Finds!

Don’t you love it when you find random things in books? While at McKay’s, one of the Asian language books had a wedding photo that fell out, plus an address and a date of 2010! (We didn’t get that book, but I wanted to take the photo with me, along with all the other small things I found while browsing. Don’t worry. I didn’t take any of them.)

The piece of paper in the picture above came from  Adventures in English Literature under the “Old Books” heading. The pamphlet came from the “25¢ Find” book, and it’s what made me think the language might be Czech. I’m definitely using the pamphlet in a future project, and maybe the piece of paper, too.

I’m so excited! Let’s see what I get done today. If you have any ideas for my calendar or for how I can use some of these books and other finds, let me know. And if you know what language that last book is in, please tell me. I’m so curious.

Mata, ne!


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