Productive: My One Word

You may remember my post from 2015 when I was introduced to a different way of doing New Year’s resolutions. I wasn’t planning on doing any resolutions of any kind this year, but I figured why not give this another go. I’m going to write down this word

My word for this year is “productive”. I’m going to write down this word and place it where I’ll regularly see it. Hopefully, it will help me get a lot done not only this year but in future years. I’m a procrastinator much of the time, but ever since college I’ve been trying my best to get things done early and done well so I can have more time to myself later. This manifested itself in many ways.

  • I scheduled my classes and my work-study hours as early in the day and week as I could. That way my longest days were at the start of the week, and by Friday I could be done by lunchtime or earlier. Not only did I get more free time, but it made me feel more productive, which in turn made me more productive.
  • I get up early. In high school, I hated getting out of bed after 11:00 AM. It infuriated me and made me feel like my day was wasted. Over the years, that time became earlier and earlier, so now it’s between 7:00 and 7:30 AM. But by getting up, showering, and starting something productive (anything, really, from making breakfast to cleaning my room to studying or blogging), the rest of my day seems to follow the same course.
  • I  taught myself to do my homework and chores earlier rather than later. This came in handy my senior year of college in particular.

Bonus: a tip for anyone in college who needs to write a thesis! If you know what you want to write about early on in your college career, you can tailor some of your other essays in that direction. That way, by the time you reach your thesis-writing semester, you’ll have a lot of research already done for it.


For this year, I’m hoping to be productive in numerous areas. In no particular order, they are:

  • Studying Korean (and other languages)
  • Writing for my various ongoing novels/short stories/plays
  • Roleplaying regularly
  • Keeping up with one of my sites
  • Work on more crafts
  • Researching more about South Korea
  • Applying as early as possible and sending documents as soon as I can
  • (If/when I move abroad) Create great lessons and activities for students
  • (If/when I move abroad) Put myself out there and practice Korean as much as I can

That’s my plan for the year. What are your New Year’s resolutions? Are you going to choose a word, too?


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