More Korean Provinces

I remembered a folder I was using to research Korea and recruiters I might work with to find a job there. So I pulled it out yesterday and went through what scant details I had written down. I knew there were other provinces I had considered as potential candidates for where I wanted to live, but I couldn’t remember what they were. So, without further ado and in no particular order, here are the other locations I’ve considered.

  • Jeollabuk-do
  • Chungcheongbuk-do
  • Gyeongsangnam-do

Correct me if I’ve incorrectly spelled these. I know next to nothing about any of them, just as I know little about my current “main” consideration, Jeollanam-do.  It’s easy for me to find information about the major cities in or near these provinces, but as I’m not interested in living in those places, I’m having some trouble figuring out more about the countryside. Has anyone lived in these areas? What’s it like? I’m trying to stay away from cities (even small towns) and the coast, but anything you can tell me would be great:

  • Some things I’d like to hear about
    • Weather
    • Food
    • Local community
    • Local dialect
    • Distance to the nearest towns
    • Ease (or difficulty) of travel to cities
    • Can I (or will I have to) get a car?
    • Local sights, festivals
    • Teacher’s attire (mainly, can I wear very nice-looking jeans and a nice shirt, or do I have to go with dress pants, etc.?)
    • Expenses (food, gas, water, etc.)
    • Other fun facts and tidbits

If someone can point me to sites (official town pages, expat blogs) that I can read about these places, that would be helpful, too. I feel like I’m paddling in a canoe in the middle of the ocean with no clue which way is land, and I really need to find land soon!

Off I go to get more stuff done today. I’ll let you know if I learn anything new.

Mata, ne!



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