Blog Plans (Or: Blog Plans?)

As you probably know by now, this is my main blog where I post updates about me, my life, my crafts, my travels, and my teaching experiences. That’s a lot of stuff in one blog, though, isn’t it?

For a while, I’ve been thinking about starting another blog. I would keep this one for life updates and craft updates, but I would use the new blog for posts about my travels (past, present, and future) and about my experiences teaching English abroad.

Option 1:  Keep this blog the way it is and don’t start any new ones. I like this idea because it keeps all my travel posts so far in one place (that said, I also have oooold travel-related blogs that I’d like to incorporate somewhere at some point). The downside to this idea is that I feel like everything would get cluttered. Too many topics in one blog.

Option 2: Keep this blog for general life updates and for craft posts. Start a new blog for travel and English. I like this idea because it de-clutters this blog and gives both blogs more of a focus. The downside pertains to my currently-published travel & English posts. Do I link them on my new one? Do I post them word-for-word? Do I summarize or re-word them?

Option 3: Keep this blog for general life updates and for craft posts. Start two new blogs: one for general travel/life abroad, and one for English abroad/life as a teacher abroad. I like this because it focuses my blogs even further. The downside is that my travel/life abroad topics meld with my teaching abroad topics. Additionally, that’s three blogs to keep up with instead of two.

I’m pretty sure Option 1 is not going to happen, but who knows. What I’d love to hear are your thoughts and opinions on this. Is this one blog good enough for all those subjects? Should I do two new blogs instead of one? Help!  (And thanks!)


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