Well, great.

I’m at the library right now. After spending an hour or so on rewriting my Korean notes, I decided to type up another blog post for A Trip Takes Me. Since I’ve scheduled one about my study abroad experience in Japan (keep an eye out for that one soon), I decided I’d schedule one about my trip to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Originally, I had used Blog.com to keep my family up-to-date about my semester in Japan. Then, for my trip to Nepal, I created another blog. (Why? I don’t know.) My plan with A Trip Takes Me was to reread my old posts, summarize them, and add them to ATTM. I really didn’t want to sift through the study abroad ones, though, so I used my pictures to re-write some short paragraphs about my time in Japan. Thank goodness for folders within folders, else I would have had little idea what was what.

Well, my plan was to review my Nepal posts because they were short and few, and I couldn’t remember the names of places I had been. All of my pictures from Nepal are in a single folder and are not labeled as anything special. What do I find when I try to open the blog in a new tab, though? “Bad Gateway.”

“Bad Gateway.”

Well, great. The sad part is that I knew it was doing that for my study abroad blog, but I didn’t connect the dots and realize it would do that for my Nepal blog. I have no other notes, so now all I have are unnamed pictures.

Graaaaaand. I don’t know how I’m going to pull this off.

In other news, I showed the journal that I made (still without the burlap and lace on the inside covers) to my boss and a co-worker, and they loved it. They both said I should make them and sell them on Etsy or somewhere. Honestly, I don’t think I’d mind that. I’m just afraid that if I started and made, say, five, that I’d get tired of it and not want to make any more. That said, maybe I need the pressure of journal orders to keep me going. Who knows? We’ll see what comes of the idea. All I know is I need more practice before selling anything.


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