Guess What?

I meant to post this a number of days ago and forgot entirely. So, a week or two late, here’s my second completed journal-binding project!

As you can see from the cover image, I picked out Across the Endless River by Thad Carhart from a used bookshop. I’ll use the jacket for something else later. I chose this specific book because the title seemed somehow fitting for my feather journals, the spine was intact (and beautiful), the browns matched well, and the cover itself was clean but looked just worn enough for my tastes.

Taking the pages out of the book was easier on the first side than it was for the previous book I used, but the second side was more difficult. Maybe I was too nervous about ruining the spine. It turned out splendidly, so my stress paid off?


Using double-sided tape (1/2″ all the way around, then an extra 1/2″ on the sides nearest the spine), I added the patterned paper to the book.


Then I went about stitching the journals into the hidden spine I cut out of my Kraft-tex paper fabric. Then I glued the spine in. And guess, what guys? This time… I glued it in right-side up. Go, me!

This is the order I glued the journals in. You can see that, at the very end, I added a strip of burlap to the front and back. This was to cover up the edge of the Kraft-tex paper, which I still haven’t done to the first book. Making sure the burlap lined up as straight as possible was difficult.

Once the spine was set, I had to decide what I wanted to add to the tails of the strings in the middle of each journal. For my previous book of journals, I added world-themed tags. This time, I looked through my tags and found elegant ones that added a splash of color while still matching the theme of the book.

At the last minute, I remembered that I had purchased little wooden pieces I had, at one point, begun painting. Of those, one set was of bird cages. Since the journals have a feather pattern, I thought adding the bird cages on top of each tag was a nice little touch. So I used tacky glue and placed them down. They were thin pieces, and the book has plenty of extra space, so they don’t make the journals look crammed.

And that’s that. I don’t have any plans for using this journal yet, but I really wanted to make it. Perhaps I’ll give it away. I know two ladies at work loved seeing the finished product, but I don’t know how much either of them writes. I may have to ask.

Now I need to figure out what my next book project will be. I have books I want to use, but nothing to really put in them yet. I want to make a junk journal at some point; however, my collection of junk mail and assorted papers is meager, so that will probably have to wait. The tall book that’s in Czech is going to be the difficult one simply because of its height.

I’ll think on all this and keep you posted. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, let me know!


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