My One Word: January Reflection

As some of you know, my one word for this year was “productive”. My goal throughout 2017 is to waste as little time as possible. I want to get crafts done, writing finished, plans made, languages studied, books read, and roleplay replies posted (plus other hobbies)–all while not overwhelming myself with tasks. I figured if I could focus on a few each day, or bits of all of them each day, that I could manage it.

Now that it’s February, I thought I’d see how well I’ve done so far. My results?

Not so hot.

I started out strong, with research, studying, and crafts. I got some writing done, too. However, as January progressed, my writing all but vanished while my roleplaying picked up plenty. (Though, admittedly, yesterday I did write two small scenes for a short story! …And then I made a new roleplay character.)

My Korean (and Japanese) studies haven’t gone many places, and some days I feel like I’m barely hanging on. My crafts have been off and on, and my reading has been sparse.

Most disappointing, and also one of the most stressful of my tasks, has been my research into Korea and what I’ll need to move. That has fallen so sharply that it’s practically non-existent. I realized a few weeks ago that I didn’t have as much money saved up as I had thought, so I’m working on saving up again so I don’t head into the application process (and ultimately the move) all but broke. That may mean I have to postpone my moving plans until this time next year. We’ll see. It’s discouraging, which means I’m procrastinating even more. I’ve entered The Spiral.

However, I’ve been quite productive the past few days in other respects. Our library finally got more shelves! Since I worked on Friday and Saturday, I almost exclusively moved books from shelves, carts, and tables onto the new shelves, dusting as I went. The new books area looks wonderful, and it’s unspeakably nice to have room to put books on the shelves now.

Normally, when I work a Saturday, I don’t work the next Monday, but I opted for the extra hours, and my boss and I worked almost non-stop. We got a ton accomplished! My shoulders and feet ached after the first two days (and let’s not mention the state my soul was in after almost 16 hours of shelving over Friday and Saturday), but on Monday it was a lot easier. I can’t wait to see how much the others get accomplished!

After church on Sunday, I went to an Asian supermarket and spent way more than I had planned to spend. However, I cooked a delicious kimchi nabe. I also made rice (that turned out badly, though I can’t figure out why) and some tempura from Japanese pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Delicious! I love the pumpkin tempura the best. It took me 3 hours to prep and cook, but it was completely worth it! I also had new, cute little bowls to put everything in!

On a fun little note, I went into the cooking with plans to make a simple kimchi nabe, but I ended up following this recipe. Then I decided to make the tempura, but since I didn’t have the tempura mix or dipping sauce, I had to make those from scratch as well. Except for a few vegetables, the Korean red pepper flakes, and the sake, I pretty much had everything on hand, which surprised and pleased me. You know you’ve reached a point when you can pull out everything from mirin to potato starch to kimchi paste at a moment’s notice!

So, have I been productive? In some ways, yes, but to the great neglect of other things. Though I’m afraid it won’t, I’m hoping February will get me on track. Stay positive, right?


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