“Silver Spoon” Anime + Roleplaying

You know when a song reminds you of a character from a book? Or a quote you happen to see fits oddly well with a friend’s roleplay character? Or when the small birthday fortune-telling book you bought for fun has scarily fitting fortunes for your own character’s birthday?

Well, thanks to Netflix, I now have an anime that reminds me of some fictional people I love to pieces.

Apparently, “Silver Spoon” [“Gin no Saji”] is from 2013 and–wouldn’t you know it?–there’s a live-action from 2014. (Note: the videos in the links are both in Japanese.)

I had never heard of “Silver Spoon” before, but it sounded interesting and was a nice change from the other anime I had recently watched, so I clicked on it. I’m now ten episodes in, and I love it!  Now, here’s how it reminded me of roleplay characters at Keep the Dream Alive.

First and foremost, I have a character who runs a family farm in post-apocalyptic South Carolina. I also recently added another farm character there as well. So while neither of them attended agricultural schools like in “Silver Spoon”, they’re living a simple farm life with their little community of about 25 people.

Horses make regular appearances in “Silver Spoon”. (Surprised? No? Good.) And while those make me think of the characters above, they also remind me of two more characters that I used to have on that same site. The first is my cowboy, who grew up on a cattle ranch in Nevada before WWIII claimed the adults. His horse Jack is his best friend–if you don’t count my cowboy’s cowgirl, that is. Horses are also deeply important to my Romani-esque guy and his wife, though the best horses, in their opinions, are Romany/Gypsy Vanners.

For however much “Silver Spoon” reminds me of these four characters of mine, it reminds me even more of my friend’s character, the best friend and love interest of one of my female characters. A rich kid before the War, his only experience growing anything was of a certain, commonly known, highly controversial plant. Then the war came, and after years of various trials and struggles, he has started farming on a small plot of land in town. It’s a completely different world from what he knew, and he had to learn from my farmers and on his own as he went.

There are other little things in the show that remind me of other people on that roleplay site. For instance, the girl of mine I mentioned in the previous paragraph? She’s of Japanese descent, so the entire show reminds me of her. Then there was a quote that reminded me of a guy she is counseling right now. The theatrics remind me of my farmer guy’s best friend.

I’m sure I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you. Suffice it to say that this anime makes me ridiculously happy, and it’s now one of my favorites.


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