Purchases, Plans, and Projects

I worked extra hours last week, so when I had Thursday off, I took the chance to go to Hobby Lobby. I’ve been wanting to make another book craft–this time a junk journal–but I didn’t have enough “junk” to use for it. I decided to buy more kinds of paper plus other items I could use for upcoming projects.

I like the idea of pockets and envelopes to store objects in within books, so lately I’ve been saving empty coffee bags. (I’ve washed them out, but some still smell like coffee. Perhaps that’s a good thing.) Because the bags are tall, I may not have a book to put them in yet, so I might have to go to the used bookstore and find something suitable.

As you might be able to tell, my idea is to incorporate these bags into the book. Accordingly, I’ve themed my junk journal’s colors around the yellow and red of the bags. Since the yellow papers I bought tend to have grey with them, yellow and grey are my main colors, and red will be my accent color.

Here are some of the items I bought, either for this project or future ones.

I can’t help myself. There are far too many beautiful papers for me to choose just one. I need to stop because I’m running out of room for the stacks. I don’t go through them quickly enough to warrant purchasing any more, but I couldn’t stop myself this time. I’m so eager for my coffee junk journal idea!


Like I said, I love having pockets inside of books, so I bought envelopes to match.  One set is larger than the other two. Variety is the spice of life and all that.



I’m not good with fabric. I can’t sew well. None of that. But as I passed the fabric section, I had an idea. Why limit myself to just envelopes and coffee bags? Why not find a way to put some fabric into the junk journal, secure it really well, and have not only a different texture but a way for people to pin things to the fabric? I have no idea if it will work or not, but I’m eager to give it a go. I bought it in red as an accent color.


My mom used to have a container of buttons, but we can’t find it anymore. I happened to see buttons at Hobby Lobby and bought a set. I’m not sure if I’ll use any during this project or not, but I have them nonetheless.

I saw all kinds of ribbon that I wanted, but I ended up grabbing a package of mixed ribbons. I may or may not use them during this project, but they’re ready and waiting.  I also bought burlap with a doily design on top of it, like I wanted for my earlier project, which is now finished!

I know, right? Took me long enough.

Instead of trusting my handwriting for certain parts of this project, I decided to get stencils and ink pads. I also checked out a book from work on Friday about making my own stamps. I bought some erasers for a cheap, rough attempt at this newest aspect of my projects. With only a craft knife at my disposal, I think my first try turned out well.


Finally, I got colored pencils (sorely needed), a metal ruler, and a basket to help me organize my supplies a little better.

Now, check out my book haul from McKay’s. Mark Twain is the only one I’m not saving for a craft project.  Most of the books were free, but I purchased the two art books and “A Cup of Friendship”, which is the book I’m using for my coffee junk journal. I’ll let you know how that turns out.


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