Coffee Junk Journal: Signature 1

Over the last few days, I’ve been putting together the signatures (sections of a book) that I’ll use for my coffee junk journal. There are four of them, each with about four pieces of paper folded in half for a total of eight pages per signature. I’ve ordered the pages the same way for each signature, but the colors and selections are slightly different for each. I’m also adding envelopes, stamps, fabric, and pieces of junk paper onto these pages as the mood hits me. So far, I’ve completed the first signature.

Before I show you the signature, I wanted to update you on my stamps. I decided to make another one today, and it turned out okay, if a bit lopsided. Given that my previous stamp also looked rough around the edges, I think it fits. I hollowed it out so that whoever ended up with the journal could color the coffee bean, mug+plate, and heart in if they liked.


Unfortunately, after I used my original “coffee” stamp, I thoughtlessly rubbed the stamp to clean it a little, and I broke off the bottom of the first “e”. (See it in the picture?) Sadness. I’ll probably cut the coffee mug “o” out and use it as a small stamp instead. Silver linings.

Oh, and I nicked my finger with my craft knife while carving the second stamp. Luckily it was a shallow wound that bled for all of ten seconds. I’m A-OK.


Alright, time to show off my first signature. We’ll start with the cover. It uses the leftover grey paper from the fourth signature as a cute little embellishment.


Next is, naturally, the first page. I took some paper from a yellow legal pad we have but rarely use, and I coffee-stained it using that morning’s leftover coffee grounds and the dregs left in the coffee pot. It was an experiment more than anything, but I like how it turned out. Each signature has a page like this, and they’re all stained differently. This first one was not submerged in the coffee. It only received coffee rings and splatters.


On the next page, I glued down a coffee bag. It was too tall, so I cut off as much as I dared. I peeled off the little bendy tab–(Is there a name for that?)–and used my Dotliner to glue it into its new location. To attach the coffee bag to the paper, I used 1/2″ double-sided tape all around the edges of the bag then diagonally across the middle, but I saved room at the top so it could be folded down and held in place should the journal owner desire such a feature.


On the back of the coffee bag paper, I attached with double-sided tape a square of fabric. I used 1/4″ tape to fold down the edges and tape them to the back of the fabric, and I used 1/2″ tape to stick the top and bottom edges of the fabric to the paper. The sides are left open so the journal owner can slide their hand there and attach things like pins and other small objects to the fabric. I plan to put the fabric in at least one other signature, if not all four of them.

When I was at McKay’s, I saw a Southern Living magazine in the free books bin, so I snagged it. I managed to find four pages that fit my color scheme well (at least on one side), so in that went as my next page.


Since the back side of the magazine paper didn’t fit my theme quite as well, I decided to cover it up with other papers. This also gave the journal’s future owner a spot to write. The white paper is actually the back of a shopping list that is coffee-themed. However, after I purchased it for the project, I realized I hadn’t taken the colors into account. The shopping list was green. So I flipped it over and used it in tandem with the leftover pieces of yellow and red paper. I attached the papers to each other and then to the magazine all with my Dotliner.


The final piece of paper is from the little square paper set that was in my previous post. I chose different ones to use in each section. Though I considered gluing them to the magazine page, I thought leaving it open would give more room to write.


In the next picture, you can see the red strip I glued to the magazine page, and in the one after that, you’ll see that I taped down a grey envelope. More storage space!



Experimenting with silver ink, I used my two stamps on the back of the red paper. It didn’t show up well, which was sad but also nice because it barely stands out on the paper. However, it did bleed through a little onto the white side, above the grey envelope. Not sure how I feel about that yet. And since I broke my original stamp after its first official use, I only stamped the second stamp once, then I tested out one of my stencils.


The last page is of the coffee-stained paper. Nothing special. I left it blank from here on out so there were places to write, draw, or otherwise decorate.


And that’s the first signature. I don’t know how long it will take me to do the other three, but I’ll update you as I make more progress.




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