Coffee Junk Journal: Final Product

I’m so pleased!  There were some twists and turns, like when I realized the signatures stuck up just a hair from the top of the book. Or when I thought four signatures might have been one too many. Or when I wanted to add a button to the cover and a string to the back so it could be closed. But it all worked out, and I’m thrilled!

Because you can see pictures of each signature in the previous posts, I won’t bother with those here. I will show you how I did the ribbon, though, and then what the inside of the cover looks like now that it’s all done. I gave the book to my brother’s girlfriend, who took the pictures of the book with the coffee poster my dad found at a cleaning the other day.


I put 1/4″ double-sided tape across the width of the cover. Because the ribbon was a bit wider than that, I added a line of tacky glue on either side of the tape. I started in the center and laid the ribbon down one side at a time. Below you can see how it looks once I put the spine in. Typically I hide the Kraft-tex paper with some burlap ribbon. Since grey was in my theme, though, I left it as it was.

Final Product + Ribbon

EDIT: I forgot to take a picture of the gold button I used to tie the thread inside of each signature. I’ll see if the journal’s new owner will take a picture for me, and I’ll update the post when that happens.

Now, the photo shoot!

Before you ask: yes, I’m already starting on my next book project–a small sketchbook. And I’m helping my brother’s girlfriend do a book of her own. So excited! More on all that in future.


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