Russian Sketch Book

(At least, I think the book is in Russian. I took a semester of it but don’t remember much. Someone tell me if it’s another language.)

After buying a pad of sketch paper, I decided to make a little sketch book. Because she was over, I asked my brother’s girlfriend (who likes to draw) which of the books I had on hand would be good as a sketch book. She and I agreed on this one.

Russian Sketch Book (1)

It’s thin, as you can see, and not as tall as the other books I’ve used up until now. As such, I only did two signatures. Each has five pieces of sketching paper and one outside page from a new paper pad I bought. When folded in half, that’s 12 pages per signature.

Because the artsy pages were too big and needed to be cut down to size, I took a leftover strip from each one and used my DotLiner to glue them to the inside of each signature.

Once I stitched the signatures in, I tied in an “artist trading card” (said the label on the packet I bought). The back of the card is white, so the sketchbook owner can write whatever his heart fancies.

After I folded the Kraft-tex flaps down, I taped on pieces of ribbon.

Russian Sketch Book (9)

I’m a bit annoyed because, once again, the flaps were difficult to smooth out, so the journal pops open. I considered adding a button to the front and a string to the back so it could be tied closed, but I liked how the book looked plain. Plus, I’ve never done that before, so I’m scared to try it on a book that looks good.

Other than the issue with the Kraft-tex flaps, my only gripe with this book is that, despite measuring and trimming the pages down, they still stick out from the side of the cover a hair. But I can’t complain too much. It turned out well, all things considered.

Russian Sketch Book (11)

As a note, I’m thinking about selling this sketchbook. I want to wait until I get a few more books made, though, before listing it anywhere. If and when that happens, you’ll be the first to know.

Russian Sketch Book (10)


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