Not Sure What to Do Yet

So, shortly after finishing my previous book–the Russian sketchbook–I took a much taller, thicker book and started a new project.

However, as I was cutting spine out of the book, I nicked the cover and tore a small hole. I decided to keep the cover intact but to try my hand at doing stitching on the cover. I intended to make pretty Xs up both sides, but instead, I ended up with this, which I like just as much.

Stitched Book Cover (1)

I tied the thread off at the top and added a tag as an embellishment.

Stitched Book Cover (2)

Here, though, I hit a snag. I thought I would add signatures in as usual, but instead of working with the hidden spine, I would stitch directly through the original spine. I thought about weaving the thread in between the stitching you see in the picture.

The snag is that, at present, I don’t have paper large enough for these signatures. My 12″x12″ sheets are too short from front to back when I fold them in half. Without attaching two pages together to make the pages long enough, I would have to order some kind of special paper for this book as well as the other tall books I have waiting.

That leaves me with a choice: figure the paper situation out somehow (manila folders? papers at interesting angles?), or sell only the cover and let another crafter figure out a use for it.

What’s your opinion?


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