Cardstock Easter Basket

Once a month, my mother and my siblings watch the toddler class at church and teach them a Sunday school lesson. Today, it’s Easter. (Imagine that!)

As part of the lesson, the kids have an Easter basket craft. However, as it involves cutting and stapling to actually form the basket, and as my mother detests crafts like I detest shopping for clothes and shoes, I took over the prep work. It took about an hour to make twelve baskets (a mess-up, a model, and the 10 for the kids), but it was easy.  So if you want a simple but festive craft, look no further!

Cardstock Easter Baskets

1. Using a stiff paper like cardstock, cut a square that’s 20cm x 20cm.

2. Fold diagonally to form a triangle. Unfold and repeat with the opposite corners.

3. Measure 5cm from the middle along all four lines.

4. Cut from the corners to the 5cm mark.

Cardstock Easter Baskets (1)
Steps 1 – 4

5. Cross the corners over one another and staple, tape, or glue them together. Repeat for all four corners.

Cardstock Easter Baskets (2)
Step 5

6. Punch holes where you want ribbon attached. I did ribbon on two corners but the instructions I followed did them on all four.

Cardstock Easter Baskets (4)
Step 6

7. From any leftover paper, cut strips for the handles. I cut them about 1″ wide.

Cardstock Easter Baskets (3)
Step 7

8. Tie ribbon(s), or use yarn or other material as suits your fancy. We plan to use yarn tomorrow, but the instructions showed ribbon.

9. Attach handle with staples, glue, or tape. I glued them on the inside with my DotLiner, making sure to put the handles on the sides without the ribbon so it would be easier for my family and the toddlers to work on tomorrow. (No accidentally gluing over the punched holes before the yarn is added!)

Cardstock Easter Baskets (5)
Steps 8 & 9

Easy, right? Go ahead and fill the basket with fake grass, candy, Easter eggs, or whatever else your heart desires. Happy Easter—or as I just learned in Hungarian, Kellemes húsvéti ünnepeket!



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