Well, I did it again.

Wouldn’t you know it, but after spending about two weeks on this book project, I finally got it to a point where I liked it and was ready to put it into the book … and I confused myself with the pattern paper on the inside of the covers … so I glued the spine in upside down. Again.

Oh well. We’ll call it intentional and claim it’s a book meant to confuse anyone trying to take it and read it.

I tried something different with this one than my usual. I kept portions of the original book in some of the signatures. I also tried my hand at sketching over the words in places. I’m not great at drawing, so it doesn’t look the best, but I’m pleased with how it turned out regardless.

As you’ll see, each signature begins with a different part of the original book: the title page, the prologue, and parts 1 through 3. The first sections have sketch paper or cardstock paper, and the final three sections use pages from the book.


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