My First Hollow Book

During my last book project, I tried to carve out pages for a hollow book. It was a last-minute decision that I ultimately didn’t include in the journal. It was a failure in no small part because I didn’t look up any instructions for it. I simply cut into the pages, did it all wrong, made it look barely passable, and will probably never use the pages. I even hurt my hand trying to cut out the pages.

This time, I found instructions first, and instead of using only a section of the book as the hollowed-out portion, I used an entire book, which was a lot easier. The only step I didn’t follow was the one about drilling holes at the corners of the outline. Instead, I cut along the outline to the corners, top to bottom and bottom to top. It worked out well enough for my tastes.


Here is the outside of the book:


Here are some of the steps:


And here is the final flip-through:


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