Space Pamphlet

I’m in the midst of working on another altered book. However, while going through my scrap paper and other supplies, I stumbled across two pamphlets my family had received in the mail. Intending to use them for something, I had saved them, but they soon became buried under other papers. When I found them the other day, I got the idea to cover the pamphlets with papers and make an “altered pamphlet”. ┬áThis is the first one. Except for some minor mistakes, which I was able to roll with, everything went smoothly. All in all, it took about 3 hours to do, and all I used was cardstock and tacky glue.


The Original


The Final Product


Space Pamphlet (4)



I didn’t glue down each paper, so it left more “pages” to turn inside of the pamphlet than were originally there.



Space Pamphlet (9)


I may add clear tape over the folds on the back, to keep the paper from wearing down any further than it already has. Otherwise, the project is complete. Mini journal, anyone?


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