Homes for Some Altered Books

As you know, earlier this year I created about six altered books. The first one I kept for myself. The second one I mailed to a friend, and the third one I gave to my brother’s girlfriend.

After that, I toyed with the idea of selling the rest on Etsy. However, with my upcoming move to Hungary, I decided I shouldn’t waste my time setting up an Etsy if I’m uncertain I’ll be able to keep creating altered books while I’m abroad.┬áThat left me with a question: what do I do with these altered books and pamphlets?

My first thought was to keep them around until such a time as I was able to create an Etsy and keep supplying it with new material. The second was simply to keep them. I liked most of the remaining projects quite well. And though I might not use them regularly, I could picture myself turning them into journals or using the sketchbook for something.

Would I actually end up using them, though, or would they sit around my house for years collecting dust when they could go to someone who would really appreciate and use them?

On my birthday, I received a card and generous gift from a co-worker, and I knew immediately that I wanted to thank her by giving her the “From Sinner to Saint” book. I thought it fit her wonderfully, but I couldn’t know how wonderfully for a few weeks because she was on vacation.

Along with the book, I also took some key charms and book charms and tried my hand at adding them onto some cord I decided to braid. Was it a bookmark? A bracelet? Who knows. But she likes books, so how could I pass up the opportunity?

I wrote a thank-you card and some notes about the gifts then put them in a box in her locker at work and waited until she came home from her trip. When she saw them, she told me how much she liked them and thought they fit her.

But the best part came the next day when I saw her at work.┬áRemember how I thought the “From Sinner to Saint” book might be in Lithuanian? Turns out it is! How do I know? Because my coworker’s grandfather was Lithuanian! She asked if I had known that, but I certainly hadn’t. What a wonderful coincidence!

So that’s one book gifted away to a loving home. I have plans for the Russian sketchbook as well. I don’t know that I’ll get any of the others given away (or that I’ll even give the space pamphlet away at all), but we’ll see what August brings.



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