Cats and Robots

My younger brother recently had a birthday and, like many guys, he is difficult to shop for. He wants for little, and what he does want is often expensive, like good computer parts. Lacking sufficient funds but never short on creativity, his girlfriend and I spent ten to twenty minutes in the craft section of WalMart the night before his birthday and bought some inexpensive items.

For her:

Oven-bake clay
Three thin, rectangular wood pieces
A tiny wooden easel
Three tiny canvases
Acrylic paints


For me:

A wooden robot on a keychain that my mom found by chance
Some new paintbrushes
Light orange acrylic paint


My idea was extremely simple: paint the robot. I chose my colors from my collection of paints at home, painted him, and let him dry. I also added a small tag from my craft supplies. On one side, I wrote the robot’s birthday: the same as my brother’s, only this year. On the other side, I wrote: “The Birthday Bot”.¬†I wrote the B’s in red pen because his nickname is BB. He is BB the Birthday Bot.


While I painted, his girlfriend sketched her ideas for the clay. She has cat characters for pretty much everyone she knows. (Check out the one she did for me below!)

My Cat

So she made their cat characters out of clay, along with some small items like a heart or a set of paint bottles. The design changed as she realized that her characters were too short compared to the easel, so she ended up with my brother’s cat sleeping and her cat sitting on a “stool” and using her tail to paint on the canvas.

One of the wood pieces she bought acted as the base for her diorama, while the other two formed two walls around it. On the walls, we hung the other two canvases, which she (or, rather, her cat character) painted. Hopefully, everything will stay glued in place!



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