The Great American Eclipse 2017

Last month, I learned about the upcoming total solar eclipse happening in North America. It begins over the Pacific Ocean, crosses the United States from northwest to southeast, and ends over the Atlantic Ocean. This kind of eclipse hasn’t happened in the United States for 38 years.

When I heard about this eclipse, I immediately inquired about the date, and it’s August 21st.

Eclipse Emotions (17.07.31)

My heart sank. I am moving to Europe and flying out on August 19th. For weeks, I flipped between bitter and accepting. On the one hand, I would be enjoying a short trip to Iceland, where I might not get to go again (though I really hope I will!) On the other hand, who knows when I’ll get another chance to see a total eclipse of any kind?

Last week, I researched information about the eclipse for a display at the library where I work. I used NASA’s website, which I encourage¬†everyone to check out. ¬†Through that site, I found information about various live streams that are taking place. (Here are some others, including one in Spanish.)

Though it’s not the same as viewing the eclipse in person, which still bums me out a little, it’s at least some consolation that I can enjoy being in two places at once.

For those interested in some books on eclipses, here is a list provided in my library’s monthly newsletter.

Eclipse Readings


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